Bilder för tredje part

1. Bilder för WordPress support

Hallo jeremylduvall!

First of all, thank you for your attempt to help me. Here below are pictures from one of my slide shows. pictures I have copied from one of my pages in a menu above. Since we not can watch pictures in slide shows, but can watch pictures arranged in other way, I have changed the format.

I’m afraid some of my pictures are too big, but how to get them small enough? Moreover, I have perhaps 500 to 1000, or more … pictures to investigate how big they are. 😦

Here they are, the pictures from the the slide show, pictures I have taken from my balkony. I think these pictures, regarding size, will be representative for my pictures.

Best regards

2. Andra bilder för tredje part

2.1 Bilder för autopower


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